OCS Summer Scholars Session 2

Gravelly Hill Middle School

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Summer Scholars Session 2 - WEEK 1

Summer Scholars Students & Families -

Welcome back! We're excited to have returning students AND new students at Summer Scholars Session 2. Each week I will share with you some highlights from the program, as well as include important announcements and reminders.

This week we have some important reminders and classroom highlights to share!

Thank you for all your support and helping us to make the Summer Scholars program at GHMS a safe, enriching, and enjoyable experience for our students!


Crystal B. Medlin

GHMS Summer Scholars Program Coordinator


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  • Rising 9th Grade students will be attending a field trip to Durham Tech on Thursday, July 22 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. If you haven't turned in your permission form yet, please do so ASAP.
  • If anyone other than the parent or legal guardian has permission to pick up your child from Summer Scholars, please email this PARENT PERMISSION FORM to paula.caviness@orange.k12.nc.us. If email is not possible, please send a note stating who has permission to pick up your child.
  • If your child was previously enrolled in BookNook this Spring, they have resumed BookNook tutoring at the 4:00 and 4:30 pm tutoring times. If you have any questions, please email me at crystal.medlin@orange.k12.nc.us
  • Summer Scholars at GHMS takes place on Monday-Thursday. If you registered for Friday Care, the program is located at Grady Brown Elementary.
  • Efland-Cheeks Community is open from July 12-30 from 11:15-1 pm to youth 18 and under to pick up a hot lunch and cold breakfast.
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WEEK 1 - July 12 - 15

  • Math 180 Fractions (w/ Ms. Ray) - Students have been locating fractions on a number line and adding/subtracting fractions! It makes me happy that students are beginning to feel more comfortable with fractions!
  • Math 180 Multiplication (w/ Ms. Medenblik) - Our Math 180 group worked on multiplying with multiples of 10, strengthening mental math skills, and decoding story problems in order to solve the problem. The students played a form of tic tac toe, but in order to place their counter in a square, they needed to multiply two factors and then multiply the result by 10.
  • Notes 4 Notes (Ms. Lee-White) - My talented group of students created artwork to align with their selection of artists and musical genres, story lines nuanced with various contents including suspense/thriller, comedy, melodrama, and recorded original songs and/or hip hop, rap lines displaying their unique vocal and lyrical abilities.
  • Notes 4 Notes (Ms. Rockwell) - Both my classes are working on lyrics to a song we are creating. My second group is at the recording stage and after that we are going to create a music video.... The first group is still working on the lyrics.
  • Khan Academy (Ms. Ricca) - We took breaks from actual math to do mental math. We came up with math questions with "no calculating allowed". We made educated guesses and students explained their thought processes to show that they were not just guessing randomly. We were amazed at how often common sense and basic skills led to the correct answer! These breaks seemed to foster confidence. We also came up with "wrong" answer choices for math questions. The choices could not be random. Students explained why someone might choose each incorrect answer. They seemed interested in the thought processes behind the design of standardized test questions.
  • Nuvu (Ms. Lewis) - Students have begun a project where they will design a new piece of wearable technology to help with a health condition they are interested in.
  • ELA (Ms. Mertz; Ms. Lewis) - Students continued their work with word roots and identifying their meanings. We also learned new strategies to help with reading!
  • ELA (Ms. Lewis) - Students have been working on reading fluency and comprehension. They've practiced strategies to help stay focused on a text and how to find our place again when our minds wander while reading.

If you have any questions, call us!

Crystal B. Medlin

Site-based Administrator for Summer Scholars GHMS

919-245-4050 ext. 32888