The Enigma Cipher Machine

Facts about Enigma

What is it?

The Enigma cipher machine was a machine invented by Germans and used in WW2 to code and cipher messages. It took Englishmen years to work out the codes and decipher it.

The Enigma machine works from a series of rotors used to scramble normal messages into ciphertext. The machine can create millions of different variiations of ciphertexts. You would need to know the settings of the machine to unscramble it.

The German authorities were very protective over the Enigma, they gave it great security. But, the help of Polish mathmaticians meant that the British were able to create machines that deciphered the codes. The Enigma Cipher Machine, was eventually figured out.

The key advantage, for the allies, of breaking the codes, meant that WW2 was believed to be shortened by two years.

The Bombe

This was a machine invented by the British, to try and decipher the Germans Enigma. The design of the Bombe was produced in 1939 by Alan Turing. The pupose for the design of the Bombe, was to discover the daily messages and settings that the German military were sending through the Enigma machine.


The colossus

It was the first ever programmabloe, digital computer to be made.The colossus was also used by the British in WW2 to dicipher messages. The colossus was designed by Tommy Flowers and opperational at Bletchly park on the 5th of February 1944. However, a new and improved Colossus (Mark 2) was made on the 1st of June 1944.