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MasteryConnect Overview

Very Important Information:

For benchmarking purposes TRACKERS must be set up with the appropriate standards and ALL students must be IMPORTED FROM THE SIS. As teachers set up trackers, please check rosters when you IMPORT FROM THE SIS.

Please read the following statements and complete a form for each teacher or student that is not rostered correctly.


1. Teacher does not have a Mastery Connect Account.

2. Teacher has as Mastery Connect Account but cannot add classes with the Import from the SIS.


1. Please check to see if they have a state id in Skyward. The default 0000000 is not unique and will not upload to Mastery Connect. The attendance operator will need to check EIS to see if a state id has been populated and update this information in Skyward. Once the state id is in Skyward, please allow 24-48 hours for the sync and check Mastery Connect again. If the student does not appear in Mastery Connect, contact Admin.

2. If the student has a state id in Skyward but is not in Mastery Connect, contact Admin so they can investigate the problem at the District Office.

3. Student accounts that have been created by manually typing in student information will not be included in the Benchmark. We must get them in via the SIS import. Please send the names of any student added to trackers manually to Admin so the SIS account and the manually added account can be Merged.

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Video Tutorials

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provided on the Mastery Connect site.

***Disclaimer: You can receive PD credit on Performance Matters for watching these videos if it's currently being offered & you sign up for the MasteryConnect course.***


Jump right into MasteryConnect with a tour of the main features. Learn to navigate the homepage, check your News Feed, and update your profile. This lesson will get you on your way to mastery-tracking epicness.


Start building your online community by learning how to search for and follow other rockstar educators in your school, district—or the from furthest reaches of the universe.

Create a Tracker

Take a tour of the the heart and soul of MasteryConnect, the Mastery Tracker. You’ll then create your own tracker by following step-by-step instructions on how to add students and select standards.

Create a Tracker from a Curriculum Map

Learn how to create a tracker from a Curriculum Map. If your school or district shared a map with you, create a tracker set-up specifically to meet your curriculum needs.

Tracker Basics

Dive deeper into the features of the Mastery Tracker. Learn how to view individual student data and rearrange standards within your tracker.

Add a Community Assessment

Learn how to search the MasteryConnect community for assessments and add them right to your tracker!

Create a Multi-Standard Assessment

Learn how to upload and add your own classroom assessments to MasteryConnect.

Raw Score Assessment

Need a quick check? Enter Raw Scores in a snap.

Deliver an Offline Assessment

Learn how to print assessment materials and bubblesheets right from your tracker. Then, behold the wonder of the GradeCam as it automatically scores multiple choice questions right before your eyes.

Deliver an Online Assessment

Learn how to access a test code and let your students do the rest! Students logon to a computer or personal device and make their selections.

Performance Grader

Add student data into your trackers,using the Performance Grader tool to check those rubric criteria question type assessments. Rubric criteria assessments are any type of question that requires the teacher to assign a point value.


Start getting the data you need when you need it by learning how to run single and multi-standard reports, item analysis reports, student mastery reports, tracker comparisons, teacher comparisons, and individual student mastery reports.

Setting Up Your Mastery Connect Account

Click Here for the most up-to-date information about Mastery Connect from RCS

RCS Assessment Creation (Be Sure to Download This!!!)

Mastery Connect Courses

Interested in learning to use MasteryConnect? Online PD puts everything you need at your fingertips. And it’s available when you want, wherever you want. (Just make sure you have an internet connection.)

Some Course Topics Include:

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Mastery Connect Tutorials Created by Mrs. Smith

Stephanie Smith

Instructional Coach, Rutherford Co. Schools