The Nile River

The Highway of Ancient Egypt


The Nile was the highway of Ancient Egypt. It was the fastest way to travel back then. Boats traveled up and down the Nile, some carrying people, others carrying cargo. If you wanted to travel to Egypt, the Nile was the way to go.


In Ancient Egypt, people grew crops along the fertile soil of the Nile River. Crops included grain, flax, barley, and wheat. Barley was used to make beer, flax was used to make linen clothes, and wheat was used to make flour and bread. Farmers raised cattle, goats, ducks, and donkeys. The Nile also gave the Egyptians a calender. The Nile would have an annual flood, marking the Inundation season. The planting and growing season is called the Emergence, and the Harvest is when plants are picked or cut.

Daily Life

The Nile provided food and water for the Egyptians. Some sources of food included birds and fish. The water in the Nile was used for cooking, bathing, and drinking. People made baskets, rope, sandals, and paper out of papyrus. Some wealthy people made garden pools in thier backyards and stocked them with fish. They refilled the pool with fresh water from the Nile often.

Physical Features

At 4,135 miles, the Nile is the world's longest river. Flowing from the South to the North, the elevation lowers as you travel North. Two cataracts on the Nile are n Ancient Egypt. The cataracts protected the Egyptians from attacks from the othercountries.