Simon Birch Visual Project

Katherine Buccelli

Simon Birch Official Trailer!


  • Even if your life is tough, its a good idea to believe in someone or something to get you through rough times.
  • Simon says "I think god made me this way for a reason, He has a plan for us" (Simon Birch).
  • I think Simon believing in god helped him realize his purpose in life. I also think Simon sometimes focused to much on gods plan for him. And in the end of the movie it seems like a deer is Simon's spirit animal, because that's the animal they hit before Simon died.

Simon's Character

  • Simon is short and toddler size. He knows that other people look at him differently, and he doesn't care.
  • Internally he seems very hopeful and kind, kind of funny. He stands up for what he believes in, like his faith at church.
  • Simon is a round Character
  • In the movie Simon stands up in church and talks about how he thinks what does having coffee and donuts have to do with God and the church.
  • Joe said "I know as much as she was my mom she was Simon's only mom too" (Simon Birch). It shows that Simon had a connection with Joe's mom too. And that he misses her just as much as Joe does.
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Event #1

  • Simon was born and survived even though the doctors said he wasn't suppose to survive.
  • I was born to my parents, my parents didn't really want me when they found out I was born with a small heart, but they stuck with me.

Event #2

  • Joe's Mom dies because Simon hit her in the head with a baseball. I was finally swung the bat at my baseball game and the ball hit Joe's mom, which she then died.
  • I felt terrible and kept apologizing for the accident. Simon said "I'm sorry"
  • Now Joe is looking for his dad

Event #3

  • When we were on the bus, a deer jumped out in the middle of the road. Then our bus went down the hill and went straight into the water. I saved as many kids as I could.
  • I think this was my destiny to save these people. I knew I could save them after holding my breath so long from when I used to practice with Joe.
  • I knew I was gonna die after the accident. I left Joe in pain, but I hope he knows he was my best friend.