Terrorism in Ireland and the rest of the world

Why is Ireland an example of progress?

Because after a dark era full of blood and horror, (The Troubles) Ireland got up and knew how to leave all that hate and pain behind them. Nowadays, the country is fine, because there is peace and people are free. They aren't afraid anymore.

Terrorism nowadays

Malala's story: Malala is a pakistani teenager who was shot in the head for her desire to learn and be more than a wife someday. Luckily, Malala survived, and now, she wants to help all children who haven't got the chance to go to school or have education.

Charlie Hebdo: In Paris, the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, a satiric French magazine, was victim of a terrorist attack by two muslims. Lots of people died and the terror was in the city for days. The whole world was afraid of the next attack.

Ways of fighting terrorism