six week project

What we have learned

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Outline format, the first thing i'm starting out with is a outline format this is used to gather important information from a story to understand it better. We have also done Who, What, When, Where, Why, these are also used in stories to gather information so is the five senses sight, touch, feel, sight, and smell. when I do things on stories where I need important info I use the five sense and the outline format from my personal opinion. When also using these different techniques it can improve your reading comprehension and your own reading skill. There are not many differences between all of these different types of ways to gather info, they all do the same thing in end but they all take different steps on how there used and how there worked. When you deal with longer stories you will have more info for the five senses, and the who, what, when, where, why, the only thing different about the outline format is it will be longer and take up more space.

outline formats, 5 senses, and the 5 W's

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6 Weeks project

what we have done