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Simply take a photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice. Whether it be Abraham Lincoln, a scientist, a literary character, yourself or a student, what would you say!?

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If Book Characters Made New Year's Resolutions!

"This app works well when teaching the skill of Point of View because the voice creator must speak from the point of view of the object or person in the picture. The most ideal picture books to use with a book response activity like this are picture books with strong characters who learn a lesson by the end of the story. For a student to articulate a character's New Year's Resolution, the reader must not only identify what the character learned or how the character changed, or came to realize what they learned, but the reader must put themselves in the shoes (or voice) of the book character to articulate a New Year's Resolution to reflects how they will act or behave different from now on." By Jen Jones

Camilla Cream's New Year's Resolution

Other Classroom Connections

  • Book Talks from a character's perspective
  • Lab Safety videos
  • Presidential nominee debates

By Mr. Leos Kindergarten Students at Las Palmas!

Letters A-G App Smash

By Mr. Arellano's History Students at Wrenn MS

George Washington ChatterPix
Made with ChatterPix by Duck Duck Moose

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