Be careful


Fungi is a eukaryotic organism. Some examples are yeasts, molds, and mushrooms. They can reproduce sexual and asexual. There are some diseases you can catch that are fungi. Some things about fungi is that they spore producing and they prefer dark moist places. Fungal cells have membrane bound nuclei and they have organelles. Also they are non vascular.

How to be prevented and treated

F - ungi can be spread by mushrooms

U- can prevent it by doing person hygiene and not sharing shoes

N- ever share clothing, they might have a fungal infection

G- et anti fungal infection treatment if you have an infection

I- nfected skins are best treated by creams

The differences between a pandemic and an epidemic

A pandemic is a disease or sickness that is spread all over a whole country or all over the world. An epidemic is an outbreak in a community. Pandemic is bigger outbreak.
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