Edmond Doyle News 10-17-17

Tomorrow everyone that has reached their AR goal will go to Mullins Park for lunch and to play. Next week, students that have gone over their goal will go to McDonald's for lunch. We take reading very seriously at Edmond Doyle. Reading is essential for all learning-understanding every subject hinges on the ability to read. Please make sure your child is reading daily. Encourage them to read and if possible read with them. If children see you reading-they are more likely to want to read themselves. Enjoy books with your child-it's a gift to give yourself. They will only be little for awhile-good books shared will always be a great memory!

This is a short week for us. Be sure to enjoy your FALL BREAK! NO SCHOOL THURSDAY AND FRIDAY!!

Next week is Red Ribbon Week. Too many of our children have been affected by illegal drug and alcohol abuse. It's time for this to stop! The pain caused by substance abuse is avoidable if the adults in charge stop and realize that no substance is worth putting a child at risk physically or emotionally. Hopefully, by the conversations we have with your children and by the experiences some of them have had-they will choose better options in their lifetime. Hopefully, if anyone reading this is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, they will seek the help they need. Every child deserves a loving, safe family where drugs and alcohol abuse have no place. Your children are so precious-we love them and we want everything good for them. Please give them all a happy childhood, free from the chaos and craziness that drug and alcohol abuse bring into a home.

Our Red Ribbon Dress up days are:

Monday-Wear RED-"RED"Y to live a drug free life.

Tuesday-Crazy HAIR-"Wild about being drug free."

Wednesday-Dress in PAJAMAS-"Follow your dreams! Don't do drugs!

Thursday-Dress in CAMOUFLAGE. "Be all you can be...drug free!

Friday-Dress up as your favorite CHARACTER-"Say BOO to drugs!"


October 23rd-27th-RED RIBBON WEEK

October 24th-FARM to YOU EXHIBIT

November 2nd-PTO MEETING-please attend- 6:00 p.m.

November 3rd-3rd grade to Cherokee Indian Village-details to come

November 8th-4th grade to visit Arvest Bank

November 9th-Picture Retakes

November 9th-Literacy Carnival-details to come

November 10th-Veteran's Day Celebration 9:00 a.m.

November 16th-2017 Tech Expo

November 20th-24th-THANKSGIVING BREAK

This week's attendance:

1st grade-93.93%

2nd grade-96.10%

3rd grade-96.22%****

4th grade-96.00%

Congratulations to 3rd grade! They have been trying to be Number 1!! It was close-enjoy your extra recess tomorrow!!