Adamson Children's House

Weekly Newsletter - December 14 - Ms. Dana & Ms. Terry

Dear Parents,

Lots of new works on the shelves this week; it has been fun giving presentations and watching everyone explore new activities.

The highlight of the week happened on Friday. Finally, after months of waiting we spied a Wren at our see-through feeder. We were all so excited, clapping and dancing around, myself included, that we frightened it away. -Oops! The good news is that the birds have finally discovered our feeder. Next time we will be more quiet and see if we can avoid scaring it away.

In the large photo below, the children are shown spinning a dreidel after Mr. Johnny taught them the Hanukkah song Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend; it's hard to believe it's mid-December!

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