Cordelia Hills

Staff Update, 12/20/2019

Glows and Grows

Glows: Sometimes I feel like the week before holiday break is less like 5 days and more like 12,343 days. I found myself being very short with my tone when it came to working with student behaviors. I appreciate your professionalism, your hard work, your planning, and your care. I saw some amazing lessons this week but I also saw some "I am ready for a break lessons". And that is ok. Take advantage of this 2 weeks and get some rest. We have a lot of work when we return and the kids need us!

Thanks to those that committed to sending home postcards home this month. I appreciate it!

Grows: I had two teachers respond to the prompt below. Thank you to those teachers. Even if you don't actually email me or stop to chat, I hope you are able to reflect on the questions below. I had an interesting conversation yesterday about student effort and student outcomes. It had me thinking that ultimately, if something we are doing isn't effective, we have to work together to find another path. For all students. I know we always do! Thank you.

As you transition into 2020 and the second half of the year, a few questions:

1. How are you using formative data? What systems does your grade level have for keeping track of learning for all students?

2. What is your instructional focus for your own classroom instruction? What do you want to improve on? Share with me =)

3. Do your students have regular opportunities to talk in planned academic conversations?

1/2 of Puppy Reindeers

Big picture

California School Climate Survey, Staff Version--Reminder

Last day to take this. Please consider doing it. We appreciate the feedback!


Hope you had a chance to check out the state accountability indicators I shared. Many reasons to celebrate our work and some areas to guide our work into the second half of this year. If you didn't have a chance, check out the link below and let me know if you have any questions:

FSUSD and CHE Dashboard Data Points

GIRLS on the Run, Spring

GOTR is looking for coaches. They are offering stipends of $250.00/coach ($500/site). If you are interested and want to find out more, please let me know and I will put you in touch with the GOTR local director.

Trotter Calendar

As always, you should have access to my calendar. I will send it out just in case. Here are some upcoming highlights:

12/23-1/3: NO School, Winter Break

STAFF MEETING CHANGE to January 14th @ 3:10 in the library

Attendance, Student and Staff/Reminder!

If you are concerned about a student who is missing school, reach out to the family or to Karen and we will work on making a contact with a family to chat through whatever is going on. Sometimes, a postcard or good news referral for a student missing school goes a long way.

Remember, I track school wide attendance here! One of the best things we can do to find success for our students is to celebrate their presence and to make sure we are the ones leading them each day! Thanks for your commitment.

Staff Meeting Resources!--UPDATED this week

Slide deck for Small Group Instruction here!

November Staff Meeting

Update Slide Deck for Module 2

FIA Assessment here

Online Referral System (Use your google sign in to log-in)

MTSS Request for Assistance/SSTs

Request for Assistance. This form comes to me directly.

CH SST Form. This form goes to Sandi Fallon.

PBIS/MTSS Need to know. "

Donors Choose

Many of you put together some awesome "" requests. As a school, your work to gain donations to use for specific projects, supplies, activities, and furniture from the community is appreciated! A few things:

1. Please let me know if you have submitted a Donors Choose project. Send me the link and I will be sure to include it in my parent newsletter and on our Facebook page.

2. If the project includes furniture, it must be approved by our purchasing department. If you send me the specs ahead of time, I have no issue sending it to the appropriate staff for approval.

3. Send me any photos AFTER the arrival of the project and I will also include that in any parent newsletter/FB/IG post.

PTA Calendar, 2019-2020