Great Depression

Jack, Samuel, Kevin, and Riley

How it Started

Black Tuesday marks the beginning of the Great Depression. It occurred on October 9, 1929 when the Wall Street stock market crashed. This had a huge effect on the economy from 1929 all the way to the late 1930's .

The Impact of World War II on the Great Depression

The war had some positive effects on the Great Depression. The large amount of money the US were spending on the war doubled economic growth rate. The war also reduced the unemployment rate.

What did the Newly Inaugurated do to Help the Economy

Dust Bowl

What Affect did the Dust Bowl have on Southern Plains

In the Southern Plains the farmers over planted. That made animals over graze, and without trees the ground became very dry.

The Affect the Dust Bowl had on Agriculture

The affect that the Dust Bowl had on on Agriculture was tremendous. The drought and erosion caused by the immense heat and wind kicking up Dust that later affected/destroyed over 100,000,000 acres of farmland which also later destroyed whole crops. This greatly impacted farmers because no crops meant no money. No money meant no jobs, and no jobs, meant an unsteady economy.

Setting/People/Clothing in Maycomb

We believe the setting of Maycomb Alabama in the Mockingjay would look super run down filled with dirt. We doubt there would be hardly any grassat all,as the heat would kill it. The characters in the book would mostly be wearing Jean suspenders for the men, and shorter dresses for the women. Also the men might wear a thick jacket. The houses looked all run down during the Dust Bowl. Not to mention they were Dust covered and dust filled. The people in Maycomb wouldn't be the happiest people as they'd probably be furious with the depression. Finally Scout's friends wouldn't Act kind towards her because his father is a lawyer and doesn't have to deal with the troubles of being a farmer.