John Locke and Karl Marx

By: Em Marner

Who is John Locke?

John Locke was a philosopher. He was born in 1632, in a small village located in southwestern England. Johns father, whom was also named John served in the English Civil War. When John grew up to his teenage years he went to The Westminster School in London. From there he was accepted to go to Christ Church, Oxford. When John was at Oxford he had taken his liking to Philosophy. About 15 years later John left Oxford and helped the family of Anthony Ashley Cooper. He helped tutor Ashley's son. John studied with Thomas Sydenham (A famous physician). Twenty years later of traveling and working on two of his most famous studies, John ended in England and published his two most famous studies. The Essay Concerning Human Understanding and the Two Treatises Concerning Government. John Locke died on October 28, 1704. John was buried at High Laver.

Johns Studies

He is most known for his government study, but there was more to him than researching what the government does for us. One of John Locke's most famous studies was The Essay Concerning Human Understanding. Locke Theorized about that human minds receive ideas through our past and future experiences. Johns government study was called the Two Treatises Concerning Government. This study was published in 1689. The study was about 2 different things. The first part of the treatises was about Adam and Eve in the bible. The second part of the treatises was the more famous part. This part was about the government and people were born with natural rights. John believed that humans were in a state of nature. Meaning there was no government, and everyone had their own natural rights that God created them with. He also believed that the government was there to perserve your properties and possesions.

Who Is Karl Marx?

Karl Marx is a Philosopher, like John Locke. Except Marx was best known as a Communist, which is one whom believes in Communism. Communism is a stage of the government. Marx theorized about this, so it has not happened. Communism is when there is no government, everyone is equal (No poor people and rich people), and everything needed is provided to everyone. Marx was born in 1818, but died in 1883. Marx's family was Jewish, but soon became Christian because Marx's father wanted to be a lawyer.

Marx's Studies

Marx was most famous for his theory on Communism, but Marx studied more than that. He first studied law, during this study he wrote a PhD Thesis on comparing Democritus and Epicurus. Both of which were famous ancient philosophers. Marx's next study was journalism, this study was the more famous study because it was about communism. He wrote four different writings during this study, which were Contribution to a Critique of Hegel's of Right, On The Jewish Question, The Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts, and Theses on Feuerbach. Marx's last study was on Economics, in this study he wrote a book called ¨Capital Volume 1¨ which was published in 1867.

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