Points of Pride

July 28, 2017

Weekly Newsletter....

Can you believe the first day is almost here?!?

This is your second edition of my weekly staff newsletter. I try to minimize the number of staff meetings that we have to do. I also try to limit the number of emails that I send to staff, and save information that I need to get out to you until the weekly newsletter. Please ensure that you are reading this weekly, as it will be packed with important information. Each week the format will change a little, but I try not to make it super "text-heavy," (Sorry, I broke that rule this week). I always try to leave a "Food for Thought," at the bottom, sometimes it will be a video, while others a quote of some sort.

A big thank you to the kindergarten team and their crew of helpers: Tina Rey, Rene Fleming, and Mary Sink for helping out with the Kindergarten Round Up! We had a great turn out!

Thank you to the leadership team who came in yesterday and helped plan for the upcoming school year!

I can't tell you how excited I am for this school year!



  • Instructional Focus: During the first few weeks of school, take the necessary time to teach, reteach and practice your classroom routines and procedures. We have to be consistent in our expectations in order for the students to feel comfortable in their learning environment. Take the necessary time to build relationships with all of your students. At the end of the first three days challenge yourself to memorize every students' name, and something important to them (i.e. a hobby, sibling's name, favorite color, etc.).
  • Changes to the report card for K-3: Please use the following link to view the changes to the SS/Science portion of the report card for this year: Report Card Link
  • Digital Citizenship: Last year the district mandated that we teach all of our students about digital citizenship using the resources from Common Sense Media. Cathy has agreed to collaborate with Maggie to integrate these lesson plans into her library curriculum so that you don't have to worry about it (Thank you Cathy). This is for grades K-4. For fifth and sixth grade, reach out to Maggie for help integrating this into your plans this year.
  • GoFundMe: Just a review from last year, anything that you are posting on a donation site and requesting funds, needs to be approved by me prior to posting. If you have something already on, don't worry about, we will just do it starting now. I have placed the form in the Settler's Teacher Folder on Google Drive.
  • Welcome to Settler's Point! Miranda Johnson is a speech pathologist that we are splitting with Spectrum. She graduated from ASU (so I am already a big fan :). She will be working with Chris DeWit.
  • Check out the preview of our new staff shirts for this year (below). They will be here on Monday!
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Upcoming Events:

  • 7/31: Support Staff Meeting 10:00
  • 8/2: School Starts- 3:15 Release
  • 8/3: Staff Breakfast in the workroom courtesy of Sun Valley Community Church-7:30
  • 8/3: Dad's Club 7:00
  • 8/9: PLC
  • 8/10: PTSO Meeting-3:30
  • 8/11: Munchkins with Mom-7:30

Settler's Point Carnival

Friday, Nov. 17th, 5-8pm

423 East Settlers Point Drive

Gilbert, AZ

Mark your calendar for this PTSO event! It is an opportunity to show our PTSO that we appreciate all that they do by supporting them. You can also earn money for your classroom. I would like to see all certified staff attend this event.
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