Using Acronyms

Teaching Strategy

Using an acronym is a teaching strategy that is used to help students remember a procedure or process of certain topics. The phrases needs to be creative and easy to remember. It should be introduced at beginning of the lesson and used throughout the duration of the topic. As students continue to practice using the acronym, they will then put it in memory and it help them through their educational career. Take a look at what this teaching strategy has to offer you and your students. If you want to try to get your students to remember a rule, process, or method try using an acronym. Try to have your students create their own acronym. Students are great at creatively coming up with phrases that are fun and easy to remember.

Examples of Acronyms Commonly used in different Subjects

Common Math Acronyms

Below watch a video on how SOHCAHTOA, an acronym used in trigonometry, can help find the missing angle of a triangle.
Basic Trigonometry : SOHCAHTOA : finding angles using sine, cosine and tangent


My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Neptune

An interesting way to remember the order of the planets in our solar system. Some teachers prefer to use Excellent instead of Educated.


DEAR Time is a common expression that teachers use for reading. The acronym stands for Drop Everything and Read. Students know when Dear Time is mentioned, they are to stop what they are doing and take out a book to read.

Acrostic Poems

Acrostic Poem are a great way for students to create an acronym for something they need to remember in any lesson. Click here for a great link to a website that students can use to create acrostic poems.