Help The Javan Rhino

Help the Javan Rhinoceros from being extinct

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What can we do to help the rhinos?

The Javan Rhinoceros is critically endangered. Please help the rhinos before they become extinct. Poachers, and destruction of their habitats have caused them to go into hiding.
Javan Rhino

Where they live and what they do

Javan Rhinos live on the island of Java, Indonesia. It's habitat has swampy water, where they enjoy bathing in it. They eat twigs and branches. During the rest of the day they sleep.
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What they look like

The Javan Rhino is a very large, hairless, clumsy-looking animal.
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What is being done

WWF is helping protect the rhinos. They are raising money and are cooperating with other companies. We can't let the Javan Rhinoceros end.