Band Project

By: Abigail McGuire

Band Accomplishments

One of my favorite band accomplishments was getting the 1st division rank for the solo competition. I did not get Outstanding , but I will work harder for it next year. Another accomplishment was getting all 1's at all of the band competitions. When I participated in the ensemble contest I got a 1st division ranking for the clarinet ensemble and 1st division for my woodwind quartet (ensemble). I also got 3rd chair out of 7 clarinets beating 2 seventh graders. This told me that anything is possible.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of my strengths was being able to play all three octaves for my G scale, E scale, and F scale. I also could play my chromatic scale in triplets at a faster tempo than most people. Some of my weaknesses were not trying again. If I got a (not so good) chair with a lower grade I usually wouldn't try again for a higher grade I would accept the fact that I couldn't do it. Overall I got to the point where I would keep trying to get a better score (strength).

Goals for Next Year

My goals for next year would be to:

  • Be in 1st or 2nd chair
  • Get into District Band
  • Get into Region Band
  • Get outstanding for the solo competition
  • Play scales faster
  • Do better accents than Ameen
  • Get mostly 1st part on music

Band Experience

My overall band experience was FANTASTIC!!!!! I made tons of new friends; Abbie, Ema, and Anna. Some of my favorite memories would have to be when Kayla wasn't paying attention when counting the rest and would freak out when people started playing and she forgot, it was priceless. Another was when Ema or I would mess up and just started dying out laughing and it took us a few measures to get back to seriousness.

Advice Section

Never Give Up!!!! You can do more than you think, always shoot for the stars. If you keep getting third parts on pieces, just wait you will eventually get 2nd or 1st part on some songs. <--(Personal Experience).