Mrs. Lyons' Class

First Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

Week 33! April 20th-24th

This is the week of our field trip to Kiroli park for the Twin City Ballet production of "Our Earth According to the Lorax!" We will leave around 8:30am and will return around 1:00. We will have a picnic lunch at the park and will take a nature walk. Please apply sunscreen and bug spray before school.

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, April 22nd- Class pictures! Wear dress uniform and return order form if you haven't already!

Thursday, April 23rd, Field Trip - Bring sack lunch / Free dress pass can not be used on field trips.

** November's Can Food Drive PRIZES are here! Free dress passes and/or free ice cream scoop coupons are going home today with those who brought in 10/20 or more cans!

The pizza party is being planned. I'll send an email out as soon as I am given a date!


Chapter 17: Length and Weight.

This week we will be using standard and nonstandard units of measurement.

Ch. 17 Test Study Guide:


pound - a customary unit of weight

cup, pint, quart, liter - units of measure capacity

thermometer - an instrument that measures how hot or cold something is

centimeter - a unit to measure length

heavier - an object that weighs more

height - a measurement of how tall something is

Unit 7 / Chapter 17: Length and Weight

Click here for math games, review, and extra support for Chapter 17

Science / Test April 24th

We will continue our lesson on Earth with Earth Day activities.

Chapter 8:

Lesson 1: The Sky Above

Lesson 2: Earth Moves

Lesson 3: Earth's Neighbors

Vocabulary Words:

star, Sun, Moon, planet, rotate, phases

Social Studies

This week we will incorporate the need to care for Earth. We will be experimenting with this idea by being "litter monsters" in the classroom. We will be throwing papers on the floor rather than the trash or recycle bin. We will do this everyday this week. The students have already predicted that by Friday, the condition of the room will make them feel unhappy and miserable. We will pick up all of the paper on Friday and will take to the recycle bin. We will take a few minutes to clean the room. We will then discuss how everyone needs to do their part daily to keep Earth clean.

Don't Be a Litter Monster
What Do You Think? True / False
Helpful or Harmful?
The 3 R's Rule
Paper Mache Earth Globe

Nonstandard Units of Measure!