Welcome to Rota

2015 (Home)


The information provided below could change without the author knowledge at any time. My intention is to provide the captive audience with information that can help you transition when you arrive.
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Getting Started

Each command does things differently so I have no idea what your first day will be like. What I will do is help guide you on the stuff you wish you had prior knowledge of before you arrived (i.e. mobile phone, furniture, electrical appliance, etc...)

Check in processing

When you arrive at the terminal you'll probably be in a long line but the good news is that they work pretty fast and they are organized. As soon as you check in you'll get your bags then walk outside and meet your sponsor. There is no curbside parking so make sure you get a cart on the departure side of the terminal.

Indoctrination Class

This is probably one of the best indoctrination classes i've ever been in. The staff members are extremely helpful and really knowledgable on a range of subjects.

On Base Amenities

Business hours on base are no different than any other installation. (For detailed information please select the links below)

Security Building

You will visit this building often for the first couple of weeks. The men and women that work here are bilingual Spaniards and they are very helpful.

This is where you'll receive:

  • Base Photo ID (You'll need this ID to go on and off base; walk into the NEX or Commissary)
  • Car decal
  • Drivers License
  • Provide proof of car insurance
  • Provide proof that you paid a traffic violation (Speeding ticket, etc...)
  • Paperwork for family and friends to visit the base
  • Special work permit (i.e. civilian employment, furniture drop off from civilian outlet store)

Spanish Bank


In order to rent a home or subscribe to a cellular provider you'll need a Spanish bank account. On base we have Banco de Andalucia/ Banco Popular. To exchange Dollars to Euros you can go to PSD (Better exchange rate) or the NEX.

Phone: 011 34 956 82 2827 / 2831

Mobile Survice Provider

The NEX has a mobile company where you can purchase a phone and a Pay as you go SIM card. If you want to sign up for a plan you will need a Spanish bank account. You will also need to go out in town to one the mobile companies to do so. They are several service providers in El Pto. de Sta. Maria which will allow you to shop for the prices.

GSM (Global System for Mobile) Phones

  1. Global System for Mobile

  2. GSM (Global System for MobileCommunications, originally Groupe Spécial Mobile), is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to describe protocols for second-generation (2G) digital cellular networks used by mobile phones.

    GSM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Buying a Car

Before you can purchase a car you'll need to get your NIE. If you are going to purchase a car with cash you wont need a bank account. When you purchase a vehicle from a Spaniard there is a 99% chance that he /she is selling the car in uros NOT Dollar$. Make sure that you've established clear communication before you establish any kind of agreement.


Before you can rent or purchase a vehicle you must attend the indoctrination class and pass the written drivers exam. When you pass you will be given a temporary drivers license which will allow you to rent a vehicle or borrow a friends car. Your new license will arrive before the temporary one expires.

Renting a Home or Apartment

You'll only be allowed to rent a property that has passed U.S. Navy Housing inspection. The Housing office will help you find homes that match your BAH. Unfortunately, you don't have access to any information about the homes in there database prior to your arrival.

How to find a home in a the "Social Age"

They are other ways to look for homes before you arrive and that is through social media (i.e. Facebook). They are plenty of Facebook groups that have been generated in the past year or so to help those looking for a home before they arrive. Non of these social groups are sponsored by navy housing. What attracts people to these sites is that you no longer have to wait till you're sitting at the Navy housing office to view 2 or 3 photos of the house. The thing you should ask for is the number that housing provides a house that has just past inspection. If the owner does not have that number you are not allowed to live there.