What does it mean to be invisible?

By JohnCarlo Carretta


To be invisible to Bobby is actually being invisible like nobody can see him and on the other hand his he was invisible to his parents because in the beginning his mom left him a note saying if there is an emergency call me. I would think since there son is invisible to try to figure out what is going on.


To be invisible to Panchito is being invisible to the world. Panchito and his family are illegal immigrants looking for work in America. Panchito who is a little boy and his family work in America illegally. His brother, father and him all work in the fields while the mother takes care of the little kids. They are invisible because know one can know they are there so they try to hide themselves.

Homeless Children

Many homeless children are invisible because of many reasons one reason is because they do not have enough money. Many parents are afraid if they tell somebody their family will get separated and that is their biggest fear.


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