The Riddle

By Five For Fighting (Thomas Martinez)

Five For Fighting

Ondrasik born January 7, 1965 began his music career at a young age. John being born in to a musical family learned to play a variety of instruments ranging from the piano to the guitar. He found that his talent was not only in his instrumental use but in his vocal use as well. After graduating from UCLA he began to pursue a career in music releasing hit songs such as "superman" and "100 years". "Superman" would smash the billboards and be his number one song in 2000; carrying on to the acts of 9/11 this song would help people carry on. His song "100 years" would be his second number one on the billboards and help carry on his career till today.

figutative or literal

The song is to be taken in a more figurative way. The song was written to show his relationship with his five year old son or as other listeners interpret it as there relationship with god. Either way Mr. Ondrasik was writing this song for the answer to the riddle of life.

LIterary Devices

Golden lines


  • The batter swings and the summer flies
    As I look into my angel's eyes
  • Dad I'm big but we're smaller than small
    In the scheme of things, well we're nothing at all
    Still every mother's child sings a lonely song
  • Whose heart ran out of summers
    But before he died, I asked him
    Wait, what's the sense in life
Five For Fighting - The Riddle