Mrs. Matthews 7th Grade Science

Science Rocks!

Hope that all of your students have had a great first week of school. They all seem to be settling into a nice routine. I will be doing my best this year to email home a newsletter when we have information to share. We have had a fast and furious first week in Science. We have began by learning our classroom procedures, some safety rules, and even had some team building activities. We will be issuing textbooks soon and beginning our units. Next week will concetrate more on safety, use of equipment, and be conducting some measurement labs. Our units this year will include the following:

Unit 1- Nature of Science, Unit 2-Chemistry of Life(Cells), Unit 3-Genetics, Unit 4-Living Systems(Human Body), Unit 5-Diversity of Living Organisms, Unit 6-Forces and Motion, Unit 7-Biomes, Unit 8-Earth's Changing Surface, and Unit 9-Living in Space

Upcoming Events


Monday, August 29, 2016 at 5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

Parents should meet in the auditorium for a short PTO meeting and then proceed to classes. Please remember that open house is an opportunity to meet the teacher, see your students class, but not for a conference. Please schedule conferences through the Scott Middle School office at (903) 462-7180.