Wonderful Wednesdays!

Feeling Worried?

What you focus on energy grows. Are you focused on your past or future?

In life you only experience by what you do, so what are you focused on? if its anxiety, fear, sadness then its likely that your daily experiences are about what your focused on. This is the law of attraction!

Your thoughts that your thinking about causes you to feel a certain feeling and once your feeling a certain emotion you automatically take action from those feelings. In essence your thoughts are actions and your actions are shaping your destiny. so how can you move up the emotional scale from despair to feeling good again? By changing your focus.

Its hard sometimes to get unpleasant thoughts off your mind and since that can be sometimes hard to do the first thing the only thing you have to do before changing your thoughts is trust yourself. Trust that you can reach for a better feeling thought.

It only takes about 60 seconds to change your thoughts and change your feelings that are attached to those thoughts. Sit with your eyes closed and think of something that makes you happy, maybe its a person, or a moment in your life where love, peace, happiness were present. Once you get that memory hold it in your mind and start feeling what you were feeling when experiencing that moment or memory at that particular time. Hold that feeling and thought for 60 seconds. If you were laughing or smiling in that moment or memory do it again while thinking and feeling it. While holding yourself in alignment good feelings will emerge and you can see yourself shift from a different perspective. Continue trying this process when feelings or thoughts are not serving you.

When you have shifted and started feeling in a better feeling state you can ask yourself some questions to keep the momentum going such as " What am i grateful for in my life right now? what about that makes me grateful and how does it make me feel?" and "what am i committed to in my life? and how does it make me feel?"

Much Love

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