September Newsletter

Hornet Park

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

What's the role of a PTO? That role is to continue to build a community where our kids know that they're not alone. Our goal is to show our children that not only are they receiving support from both school and home, but that we are on the same team. We need to show our students that our goal is to make sure they come to school and know that they are walking into a happy and successful environment! Please join us on September 1st, at 6:00pm in the Hornet Park cafeteria.

Mrs. Gardner's Site Words

Mrs. Gardner's class is learning the meaning of the following site words! Please practice these words at home with your child!

1. Library

2. Chaperone

3. Fire Station

4. Post Office

5. Park

6. Bakery

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Mrs. Corbin (Family Times)

Mrs. Corbin's class is working on the book "Family Times." This is a paper booklet that has lots of good activities/games that you can play with your child at home to help him/her with this week's skills! If your child is in Mrs. Corbin's class then you should be using this for homework Monday-Thursday! This book does not need to be signed or turned back in.
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No School

Monday, Sep. 7th, 8am

Hornet Park

Our Kid's Club is in need of small containers (butter tubs, baby food jars, etc.). The tub cannot be any bigger than a butter tub container. We are starting sight word/alphabet rock collections and they need something in which to store their collections. If you have a tub that you could donate please send it in with your child!

Thank you.

Father & Daughter Dance

Thursday, Sep. 17th, 6pm

Hornet Park Elementary

The Hornet Park Father/Daughter dance will take place in the HP gym. Due to size, this event is for our Pre-k/k/1st grade girls and a fathers/father figures only. More information on this event will go home later in the week!

Ms. Agee says THANK YOU

Ms. Agee would like to thank all parents who donated classroom supplies. Her class is now good to go on crayons! She is still accepting items for the treasure chest. The treasure chest is where your goes when he/she earns a special prize. Treasure Chest items can include small toys, stickers, or trinkets!
Ms. Agee would also like to remind parents to send in extra clothes for your child's cubby!
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Miss Raker's Color Week

This week is color week in Miss Raker's class. Each day her class will talk about a specific color. Have your child wear that color to school!

Monday (8/31) Orange

Tuesday (09/1) Purple

Wednesday (09/2) Yellow

Thursday (9/3) Green *Picture Day

Friday (9/4) Blue

Pajama Day

Friday, Sep. 18th, 8am

Hornet Park

FREE Preschool Speech Therapy

FREE Preschool Speech Therapy!

Beech Grove City Schools provides speech and language therapy for pre-school children who have difficulty saying sounds and words, following directions, talking in short sentences, or are stuttering. Therapy is done at Hornet Park Elementary by a licensed Speech/Language Pathologist and is free of charge.

If one or more of the below statements applies to your child, you may want to consider speech therapy for your child.

  1. My child does not imitate sounds or words.
  2. My child is only understood by family members.
  3. My child cannot say all of the following sounds: p, b, m, n, t, d, h, w.
  4. My child cannot follow directions.
  5. My child speaks in 1-2 word phrases.
  6. My child cries or shows frustration when trying to speak.
  7. My child points at things to communicate rather than use words.

A Speech/Language Pathologist can test what your child understands, what your child says, and your child’s speech sounds and words. The testing will help determine if speech therapy is needed.

Please contact Chris McGown, Speech/Language Pathology Department Chair for Beech Grove City Schools, so that your child can have a jump start before he or she starts kindergarten.

(317) 784-4565

Mrs. Mazur's Super Spellers

If you are in Mrs. Mazur's class do not forget to send in your super spelling slippers! They make the spelling test so much more fun!
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BoxTop Week

Monday, Sep. 21st, 8am to Friday, Sep. 25th, 8am

Hornet Park

The Box Tops program has two main components through which you can earn cash for your school: Box Tops Coupons - Clip Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products found in your local grocery store and send them to your school. Our school earns 10¢ for each Box Top redeemed.

Send your child's BoxTops to school in a baggie! Any child that sends in ten or more BoxTops will earn a BoxTop spirit stick! (Colors of spirit sticks will vary based on availability!)

Practice Makes Perfect

Kindergarten parents please make sure that you order, identify, and practice number writing 1-10 at home with your child!