American Symbols

Learning Contract-Civics, Second Grade


Please take the pre-test below on American symbols. Based on the assessment, you will either be in blue group or red group.

American Flag

Red Group: Pretend you are Betsy Ross. Write an informal letter to President George Washington telling him why or why not you are able/going to create a design for the American flag. Letter should be typed using Microsoft Word.

Blue Group: Pretend you are Betsy Ross. Use Educreations and the drawing tool to create a flag for our nation (different from our current flag). Then, use the recording tool in Educreations to record why you designed the flag and what the symbols represent.

Statue of Liberty

Red Group: Create a graphic organizer using the app Popplet that shows how we acquired one of our American symbols. Your graphic organizer should include a picture, definition, and location of the symbol.

Blue Group: Pretend you are the President of the United States. Write an informal thank you note to France for the gift of the Statue of Liberty. Be sure to give reasons why you like it. Use Kidblog to convey your thank you letter to the world.
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Liberty Bell

Red Group: Create a timeline that shows when the different American symbols were created, invented, or donated to the United States of American. Be sure to include five American symbols, including the Liberty Bell.

Blue Group: Use GoogleEarth to create a map for a road trip to visit five American symbols, one being the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania. You will present your road map. Be sure to include why these five symbols are important to visit.

Multimedia Rubric

When completing any activities on this learning contract, please use the rubric below.

Post Assessment

After our civic unit on American symbols and after completing the above mentioned activities, please take the post test using the link below.