Highlights from my NAFSA experience

2011 Bi-Regional Conference Sparks, NV

Why I attended the NAFSA Bi-Regional

I am a graduate student studying Student Development Administration at Seattle University with an interest in international education. After hearing about NAFSA through my internship in international admissions, I attended the National Conference in June of 2011. It was a great to feel like a part of the international education community, and I learned so much! With the help of my internship supervisor, my classmate and I submitted a proposal to the NAFSA Bi-Regional conference for a session on graduate student interns. My proposal was accepted and with the help of the AWISA travel grant, I presented last November.

Graduate Student Interns Save the Day!

If you are interested in hearing the presentation I was a part of, I will be presenting at the upcoming spring AWISA meeting!

Here is a description: With growing budget cuts and limited resources, international programs and education abroad offices need to look to alternative sources for help. Graduate students are a great way for offices at any institution to finish projects, get new insights, and assist emerging professionals. In this session, you will hear from both professionals and graduate students about their experiences supervising and interning. Attendees will learn how they can benefit from interns, where to find them, and how to prepare for one.



Reserach in International Education: Methods, Models, and Impacts

This session was a great hands on session about research (something very important in our field).

-Having a strong, clear research question is key- what is the purpose of your research?

-Will you use quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods?

-What impact does your research results/data have on policy, funding, resources, etc?

-Did I demonstrate the breadth and depth of potential impact from this type of research?

-What further questions are generated from dissemination of the research?

Be Cool, Be Global, Be Intelligent, Be a Part of It...

This session talked about International Club Member Retention:

-Service Hours- do classes require this?

-End of semester banquet and competition for best club

-Off-campus activities *including community outreach- made a Japanese garden for Sendai, their sister city

-Out of state conference trips

-Self improvement- social skills or skills for jobs *promote the club as helping students to the next step, i.e. grad school or a job

The Club Budget was $4,000 to $3,000 which includes money for includes international week funds, leadership conference trips, and campus globalization.

The session also spoke about the Global Mentor Program:

-meets during the summer to prepare for following fall

-contacts students before arriving via Skype or email

-assists with obtaining basic necessities

-airport pick-up *they let the students do this!

-help with orientation

Other tips:

-At orientation, they have a test to see how much they know about staying in status

-International Library book loaning system- because international students pay such high tuition, they have a system for exchanging books and their own study room in the library