Nathan Schmitz


What Causes homelessness

There are many different factors that can cause homelessness. Job loss is a big one for many added to not being able to find another job. Many young homeless are a product of kids being shuffled from foster home to foster home because of parents who do not care about their own children and would no faster take them in then call the police on them. Other major factors are usually drugs and alcohol which will lead a person down a dark road to homelessness

Stories of homelessness

We looked at different stories in class about homeless people and their stories. In many cases it was because of being moved around in foster homes never being given a chance. Miguel ended up on the streets when his mother called the police on him. The same with Brion who was discharged from the military for medical reasons when he came home his mother called the police on him when he refused to give her money for drugs. Micheal was a vet who ended up on the streets because he lost his job and was slipping farther under because of drugs but was able to pull out but still living on the streets because he could not find a job

How to stop Homelessness

The government can easily chose to help these people by finding them jobs and getting them low rate apartments. Especially for the vets and the people that end up being homeless because of being abandoned

One of the only ways to help the homeless is for them to look for help, and to be finding a job without that they have already given up.

You usually see the large amount of homeless people in large cities this is probably due to less demand for people to fill job spot at any rate I think it is important to try to give people a chance at a new life by giving them a job opportunity if they deserve it.