Marcus Matters

April 4, 2016

4th Nine Weeks

This year has gone so quickly, but we now have nine weeks to finish strong. There are times that our students wait till the last moment to figure out they must work harder to pass for the year. This is a time to help them step it up, and it may take communicating with their parents to give them that extra nudge. In addition, we have additional STAAR exams and AP exams as well as Prom. All of these are stressful for our students and our staff. Let's be there to support one another as we try to do our best for our students.

Achievement Gap-Let's Reduce It!

As educators we try to determine and understand the differences between a child’s potential and how to increase his/her actual achievement. We have been meeting as an At-risk Committee to do just that. This Wednesday we will be looking at those students who have failed multiple classes, failed STAAR, have attendance issues, are in loss of credit, and have more than three ISS assignments. As we identify the students who may need our attention, we will do our best to identify strategies that may help them bridge a gap that has prevented them from being successful.

District UIL Academics

The following are our winners from this past weekends District UIL Academics. Congratulations to these students and the teachers who coached them over the past months.

Landon Brickey-3rd Place Accounting

Jonathan White-3rd Place Computer Science

Lauren Bailey-5th Place Headline Writing

Kayla Temshiv-1st Place Poetry Interpretation

Samuel Babbidge-4th Place Prose Interpretation

Lyndie Ho-5th Place Social Studies

Daanish Khazi-Syed-6th Place Social Studies

Sarah Putney-Top Chemistry Student

Brendan King-5th Place Science

Ashton Clopton-5th Place Poetry

Science Team-2nd Place