Information Flyer - Tommy


3 way to be safe

  1. put out wet floor sign to warn people
  2. don't mix the chemicals
  3. don't play with broom and hit other people

cleaning schedules

The purpose of a cleaning schedule is

to clean the room

day by day

and to keep track of items

cleaning products

  1. sanitizing spray
  2. window cleaner
  3. duster


  1. The push broom is to pick up dust
  2. The lobby broom is to pick up trash
  3. The angle broom is for tight corners


1 The dust mop is for picking up dust
2 The wet mop is to clean the floors with floor cleaner


  1. Yellow rag and window cleaner
  2. Squeegee with scraper

sanitation in the nursing home room

  1. the light
  2. chair arm
  3. door handle

bed changing

The purpose of bed changing is so the patient won't get bedsores.

We wash hands, put dirty linen in pillowcase, don't shake the sheets because of traveling germs, and wash hands again when you are finished