Stinson Circular

September 19-23


Heather Brzezinski – Heather was nominated by several staff members who stated that she does an amazing job with all that is on her plate. She answers numerous parent calls, tests new comers, follows up on records, tries no never miss her PACE group and always has a kind word for her co-workers. I also want to add that in the midst of the above; she planned and prepared a last minute PDH! Heather is a fabulous PACE teacher and we are lucky to have her at Stinson.

Julie Thrift – Julie was nominated by several staff members because of her positive, upbeat attitude and her willingness to help any child in need, no matter how busy she is. Julie has a way of making kids feel comfortable and safe…she is approachable to students, parents and staff. Stinson would not be the school it is without Julie as part of the staff….Julie brings the positive to the Energy Bus.

Renae Balistreri – Renae was nominated by a staff member for being on top of everything in the front office…new students, parent concerns, PTA questions, gathering records for students coming and going, signing people in, accepting deliveries and dealing with Jimmy Johns drivers 20 times a day during lunch. Renae is a valued member of the office staff and the Stinson staff….she brings the energy every day.

Chel Van Dover – Chel was also nominated by staff members. She is so appreciated for her willingness to go over things and answer the same questions many times. If she does not know an answer she will always find out. Chel is positive and approachable to everyone. It is like she has been at Stinson for many more years that she has. Chel is the glue that holds the school together….she does so many “additional duties as needed” that it would be hard to replace her. She could be on the Energy Bus weekly!

Linda Mast – Linda was nominated to be on the Energy Bus by several staff members….because of her calm in a crisis attitude and being able to see the sunshine in any difficult situation. Linda is a glass half full kinda girl! She does the best job of establishing relationships and being advocates for our more difficult children….but works tirelessly to keep those kids in their classroom helping them be successful….Linda is a huge asset to Stinson and deserves to be on the Energy Bus!


Front Parking Space Winner is ………….Heather Brzezinski


Monday, September 19

  • Curriculum Visit 12:30-2:30

Tuesday, September 20

  • 3rd CogAT Training-9:45

Wednesday, September 21

  • International Day of Peace--WEAR LIGHT BLUE

  • Principal Meeting

  • 5th CogAT Training 8:50

  • PDH- 3:15-5:00

Thursday, September 22

  • Flu Shot Clinic
  • Stinson Star Choir Rehearsal

Friday, September 23

  • 5th Grade Student Council Primary
  • Back to School Picnic 6:00-7:30
  • Have a great weekend!!


Linda from Kevin – I appreciate your professionalism and willingness to reach every child

Janet from Renae – I appreciate your help with rosters, thanks for jumping in, making me smile and lending a hand

5th grade from Michelle – The new morning message and routines are awesome, the 5th grade teachers are rocking it

Meghan from Michelle – She is amazing with her kinder group. She goes above and beyond every day for those kiddos

Kylee from Michelle – Thanks for taking an idea and making magic happen

Becky from Michele – Thanks for finding coverage for kids in need…by stretching your staff…you are wonderful

Learning team facilitators – LOVED the meetings yesterday….thanks for bring the positive energy and great ideas….Good things are going to happen this year

3rd grade from Michele – You all are teaching your hearts out every time I walk through…what an awesome team you have….the 3rd grade students are beyond lucky

Jeremy from Michele – You welcome every new math rocks student with enthusiasm….you never mention that your class keeps getting bigger….you are the perfect teacher for those kids….glad you accepted that challenge!

Kelli from Michele – Thanks for trying to be there for your kids and push through an illness….glad you took a day to take care of you!

Chance from Michele – thanks for always being willing to tackle a project, idea or club. You always do a quality job.

Loretta from Michele – Thanks for DOT day…it is always fun and you do an amazing job of involving the entire school.

Lori S., Heather S. Chance G and Kylee K did not hesitate in helping me with my super last minute patriotic project. I knew I could count on you guys-you’re the best!


Someone at Stinson who inspires me....

Cathy Gibson – she inspires me by always giving me words of encouragement, smiles and big hugs. She is always positive when talking with me and she is always engaged with her students.

Renae – She is great. She works so hard and put in so many extra hours to make sure we had our class lists.

Julie – She always goes out of her way to make me feel valued, heard and loved

Loretta – Quietly helping everyone without the expectation of recognition.

Boyd – Tirelessly keeps on giving and helping

Linda – Her love for our difficult students and her endless patience….she is a gift to them

Cheryl – Her creativity is endless

Chance – His desire to do things bigger and better for his students









Coming Up..... TBA

  • September 29--Picture Day
  • October 10-Conference Day
  • October 12-Learning Teams
  • October 14-End of 1st 9 weeks
  • October 17-CMIT week
  • October 28-Star Assembly
  • October 31-5th Grade goes to camp!!
Relaxing Sounds of Water Stream 60mins (The Sounds of Nature)