Flute Concert

Annalise Performing Elegy

Annalise Carlson

Hey! My name is Annalise Carlson and I live in Fargo, North Dakota. I have 2 pets, Larry and Max. Yes my cats name is Larry. I go to school at Discovery Middle school. My favorite color is Pink. I go to my flute class with Isabelle, Ryleigh, Abbie, Sari, Sydney, Kimberlyn, Taylor, Maddie. I have a lot of friends and they are my favorite people in the world. I play Flute in my school band.

Flute Concert

Tuesday, April 21st, 9:45am

1717 40th Avenue South

Fargo, ND

I will be performing a song called Elegy by John Tyndell who has no biographical information on himself. Elegy is a type of song for people who are deceased, or is a sad/slow song.


Multiple measure rest: A pause for a number of measures.

mp: mezzo piano is when you are medium soft.

Crescendo: slowly get louder.

Day-Crescendo: slowly get softer.

Adagio: A slow tempo.

F: forte is when you are loud.

mf: mezzo forte is when you are medium loud.

Slur: Slid past the notes without tonguing.

P: piano is when you are playing soft.

Tie: A tie is when you hold the notes together.


What I liked most about this project is that we got to get closer to our friends, we get better at counting our measures, and we get to learn different definitions for different things including music.
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