Does motivation=happiness=productivity?

I believe in this theory simply because it makes sense. This theory is absolutely true to me and applies to how productive i am. Happier employees increase motivation. Happier people are proven more productive. A fun work place causes an overall happiness.

Lower needs take priority.

Theory by Maslow.

They must be started before the main priority is fulfilled. Lower needs are what need to be done first in order to advance or go anywhere.Those lower needs are part of the main priority. I agree with this theory. Say a project needs to be done at school and your unhappy and or unmotivated, well you must need both those things in order to reach the ultimate end goal.

Does your work environment affect your happiness at work?

I feel it really does. To me, if i'm not in a good environment, i get unhappy. A happier work environment starts with the employees and managers. Colors, cleanliness, both affect the mood of the workplace. The end goal and priority causes a healthy environment. A survey question I asked, "Does the work environment affect your mood," everyone answered yes. So its clear that it does in fact affect your mood.

Does using up to date products effect your mood and productivity?

In my opinion it does. Newer things just work better for the most part. Newer products are less likely to break. They are higher in production, they produce quicker.Usually more efficient, not faulty. In a survey, it was half and half. But its apparent that it does affect people.

Would a breakfast at work motivate you to be on time?

It would most definitely encourage me. Food usually encourages me. Food is a known stress reliever. people in the morning would not have to worry about breakfast in the morning. Food helps the brain to function. All but one said it would motivate them. In conclusion it would most definitely motivate a lot of people.

Why are people unhappy at work?

I feel it starts with management. The end goal has to do with it with me as well. Bad management is the general cause of people being unhappy. An unclean environment is a well known cause for distress. Happiness is a source of productivity. In the survey, those ideals generally reflected there answers.

What role does money really play in motivating workers?

To me it plays somewhat of a role, but not much. I would much rather be happy with what i'm doing. Generally, people prefer happiness over money. Although money is considered a big motivator. In a survey i gave out, all but one person preferred happiness over money. Everyone said that they would rather be poor and happy than rich and sad.