Final Project Part 1

TJ Miller

Internet Privacy

2 Advantages
  • Sharing online can be good for getting team members together to send out announcements
  • Also it could be good for reconnecting with friends
2 Disadvantages
  • People could hack into your setting and track you so they know exactly were you are.
  • The information that you put up could be used against you in like a job interview or college.
3 Pieces of information that should be kept private online
  • Where you live, your bank information and where you work
Effect a negative experience could have on someones reputation
  • You could be really well know but that one mistake could make people think bad about you and start treating you different


What is cyber bulling

  • Cyber bulling is the use of electronic communication to bully someone
How does cyber bulling typically escalate

  • It could escalate when the person getting bullied responds and says something mean
What can the victim do? What can you do to de-escalate a potential situation?

  • The victim can reach out to an adult to make it stop. Dont respond and maybe take the account down

Persuasive Advertising

Body Image and the Media

  • I think it is a little wrong to do that because it makes people self conscious but everyone knows its fake so they shouldn't pay attention to it
  • When the boys grow up they might think its not okay to cry or show emotion, girls will think they need to stay in a place where they dont have a big role,

Violence in the Media

  • Kids might start to think its normal to act normal and might start to lash out when its not okay.
  • No I dont think they teach kids to kill. Its up to the parents that buy the game to teach there kids this stuff. and when something bad happens like a shooting, the parents should be held responsible.

Media Usage

  • My phone would be the hardest to give up, I do everything on my phone, technology plays a huge role in my life, I believe kids are a lot lazier because of it.
  • Yes because teens set a image for themselves and they want to try and keep it and seem cool, the pressure is the same for guys but they just hide it.