Oh look another World War

By Hannah Crone

The end is near ...

Battle of the Bulge was Germany versus United States , It took place in December of 1944, it was the last major offensive for Germans it was also the biggest battle of WW II. There were over 1 million men and United States lost 19,000 of those 1 million. In Battle of the Bulge Germany tried to capture Antwerp, Belgium, The Germans had tried to break the American lines to , once again, capture Antwerp, Belgium but failed.

All about the antisemitic ... Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi party ( National Socialist German Workers).

Once Hitler reached the age 18 he decided he wanted to be an artist. Prior to his "Dropping out" he was rejected (by both the Vienna Academy of Art and the School of Architecture).

After this ordeal Hitler realized he was interested in politics. This is where it began. Adolf Hitler was a very like-able man in the political world because of his speeches. As time went on he became a "superstar" in the political word (because of his speeches) , since he was so popular the President Hindenburg was forced to make Hitler the chancellor because he was so popular, later president Hindenburg passed.

Since Hitler has risen to power, He invaded Rhineland, Austria, Czechoslovakia he made an alliance with Russia and Italy. Then Invaded Poland (caused WW ll).

Adolf Hitler also made concentration camps (for Jews) which included gas chambers. Hitler killed over 6 Million Jews.

There was an attempted assassination, as a result Adolf and his girlfriend Eva and their dog, took poison and committed suicide. After the death of Hitler and his girlfriend (Eva) bodies were burned.