Main Coon Cats

By: Samantha Boyer

What is a Main Coon

Main coons are a breed of cat that people believed in the time of Marry annotate that a raccoon breaded with a domestic cat from Main. This cross breading created a main coon.Main coons are great showing cats. in fact the first showing cat in America was the main coon. Many people have these cats because of these loyal instinct in main coons. Main coons show thier attitude very well.When mad they extract claws and sad ears get very droopy or down.

Main Coon Health

To keep your cat heathy you must brush them daily. Keep your cat well fead and keep your area clean. Do not have things laying around or in reach. Objects like: scissors,yarn,wire,etc.

clean their liter box when your trash is full ,and show affection for your feline. i have a cat of my own, and i treat her like a family member. Main coons are known to fallow simple commands like: sit,stay,etc. This cat has a bushy tail and neck including a comment tabby pattern. This cat breed is known for the weird chirping noises it makes. This is the Third Most popular cat breed. Also known as the gentle giant.