Dana Bell (dad)

Best dad ever

The greatest dad in the world

My dad is the best dad. He takes care of any one in need. When he was 17 he made a hard decision to go into the navy, he wanted to be in the navy because his dad was in the navy. He treated his fello navy men as if they were his brothers. The navy and things that happened in the navy made him the dad, and the man he is now. He is very kind, loving and generous.

A lesson He learned

Put others needs and wants before my own.

We were in Honduras and we were working with orphans and it was around December. I wanted to give these girls a Christmas they never had so I was trying to get donations. When the other guys heard me doing this they wanted to help so they also tried to get donations. My dad asked if the families back home would send some stuff for these girls. So we went to ask these girls what they wanted for Christmas they said they wanted a brush or clothes for my sister. When my dad asked them what THEY wanted it was so hard for them to think of what they wanted because they always would think of something that they wanted for their sisters. They got these donations and it was thousands of dollars so my dad thought we have all this extra money why don't we throw a Christmas feast. He learned these lessons by seeing these girls only want stuff for other people.

They are the navy people.

Keana Bell

Block 3-4