Newsletter Week 9 Term 2

St Peter's College 1st July 2022


Kia ora e te whanau,

If we were to ask our students, what is it you want to be? What would they say?

Ask your child if they have heard of a ‘CV’, or ‘curriculum vitae’. Explain that, when someone applies for a job, he or she usually needs to send in a CV to the prospective employer. A CV is a document that lists a person’s qualifications and any other achievements or interests that might increase his or her chances of getting the job. Tell them that it is important for everyone to have ‘CV virtues’. Virtues are things that we regard as good or positive, so CV virtues are the positive skills and achievements that we would want to write on a CV or job application. If we have no CV virtues, getting a job is far more challenging.

Another way of thinking about this is to ask, ‘What do we want other people to remember us for?’

Perhaps it is our kindness. Or our generosity. Perhaps it is our ability to make friends and include others. Or perhaps we would like to be known for being honest. When we think about the question, ‘Who do you want to be?’, we should think about the qualities and virtues that we want to demonstrate through our lives that will make a difference to the lives of others.

Three possible virtues could be:

Humility. This means being honest about our own weaknesses. Being aware of these means that we can identify the things that we find difficult and discover what we need to work on. In a world that sometimes expects us to be perfect, it can be difficult to develop the virtue of humility.

Selfless love. This means loving others in a way that keeps us from selfishness and instead shows care and kindness towards others, with no reward expected in return. In a world that sometimes encourages us to put ourselves first, it can be difficult to develop the virtue of selfless love.

Gratitude. This means being thankful for what we have and who we have in our lives. Saying ‘thank you’ and expressing our appreciation is one way in which we show this virtue in practice. In a world full of advertising that encourages us to focus on all the things we do not have, it can be difficult to develop the virtue of gratitude.

These virtues will help us to become the sort of people whom others remember with affection and fondness, not because of our careers or our success in business, but because of WHO we are.

Dear Lord,

We acknowledge that you have created us with many gifts and talents.

We come to school to develop and learn.
Help us every day to make positive steps towards achieving academic success.
We also acknowledge that you have shown us that honesty, self-giving love, humility, gratitude and justice are important.
Help us today to think about who we really want to be.
When we find it tough to develop these virtues, please guide us and help us.

I would like to congratulate the following students for putting their names forward for the St Peter’s College Servant Leadership Council. These students were recognised at this week’s assembly, and we look forward to leading and serving the school using our virtues and qualities for the betterment of all:


Connor Sharp

Max McGregor

Shaylah Holland

Ophelia Nam

Kate Perkins

Frances Shallard

Charlotte Malcolm

Lucy Morrison

Maia Petterson

Ben de Jong

Laiken Trainor

Molly Haisman

Matilda McLeod

Molly Gray


Ava Wiegersma

Elliot McDiarmid

Dexter Goater

Liana Abuel

Ebony Eden

Holly McGowan

Annie Moody

Millie Bond

Meg Clarkson

Georgie Crowley

Bella Topp

James Mackareth

Zara Bell

Addison McGarry


Ella King

Shavni Permal

Sophia Metzler

Shalvi Permal

Cassandra Juanitas

Lily O’Neil

Serena Love

Clara Breen

Melissa Steeghs

Shanae Allen

Sam Clarkson

Eli Puna

Connor Swain

Howell Orolaza

Olivia Kelly

Rachael Miller

Liam Smith

Tara Quinney,


Sacramental Programme

We are looking at running a school-wide sacramental programme begins in early Term 3. If you would like your son or daughter to be baptised, confirmed or receive their first Holy Communion or would like to learn more about the programme then please contact our Director of Religious Studies Mr Brendan Terry at

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Year 8 Deep Cove Camp Forms

Reminder - Please can Year 8C, 8P, 8S return Deep Cove camp forms to the school office by no later than Monday 4th July. Thank you


Class 8C have learnt about the stars in the Matariki cluster. They wrote down their wishes for the Māori New Year and released their wishes to Haiwaitirangi.

Walk like an Angel Stilt Group

Chonelle Evans, Tayler Wilson, Ebony Eden and Emelia Filimoehala have been practising really hard in the Walk like an Angel stilt group to perform at the Waimumu Matariki celebrations last Friday. They did incredibly well and made us proud.

Year 10 Food class - Matariki celebrations

The year 10 foods class celebrated Matariki by making Paroa parai ( fried Maori bread ). What a treat it was!

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Year 10 Materials Technology

Some great woodwork pieces, produced by Year 10 Materials Technology class. Very impressive craftsmanship on display here.

Well done to Talia Moody for winning a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

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Think you’ve got handwashing down to a fine art? Think again!

On Wednesday, 10S were using a blacklight to investigate how effective different handwashing methods were. Before the pictures get you reaching for the Dettol, don’t worry- the ‘glow’ is a special UV reactive hand lotion we used as pretend ‘bacteria’. Students washed their hands for various times (5 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds) using different methods (cold water, warm water, warm water and soap). Some even branched out and decided to see how many people one ‘unwashed’ persons hand could infect in a classroom using the lotion and blacklight.

To the folks who think a quick spritz under the cold tap is enough - our results showed the same amount of bacteria on their hands. In fact - if you don’t dry your hands you run the risk of an even bigger bacterial load as they can reproduce and spread more easily.

The results were unanimous - warm water and soap for at least 15 seconds ( 2 lots of ‘happy birthday' recitals) with a proper drying afterwards is what is required.


Please feel free to send in any of your child's sporting achievements if you would like them to appear in the newsletter. Email them to

Students - There will be a blue notice board in the fishbowl. This is where all your upcoming and current sport events notices can be found.

Under 15 Rugby Tournament

U15 rugby tournament - Reminder all players parents to meet in A4 on Wednesday 6th July at 5pm

Congratulations to Emilia Peters

Congratulations to Emilia Peters for winning the club title and 1st place ladies kiwi skate last weekend.

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Weekly sports photos

If you have any sporting photos you would like to share please email these to Jess Young and we will put them in the newsletter for you.

Coming up.......

Senior Netball Tournament - Sunday, 3rd July

Feast Day - changed to Wednesday, 6th July 11:30am at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Gore

End of Term 2 - Friday, 8th July

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