PSE Chapter Wrap Up 4/6


What a Great Chapter

I cannot congratulate the Baxter Street Bookstore & Mama Jewel's ad agency teams enough. I was truly blown away. A huge shout out to the team leads and members listed below; watching you all dedicate this much hard work into a presentation for us makes me feel so honored to be the president of a chapter with such brilliant minds.

Hawks Date Night

Thursday, April 7th, 5-10:30pm

Hull Street Deck, Athens, GA, United States

Athens, GA

We'll have your tickets ready to distribute once we get on the bus. Please be on time. A few things to remember:

  1. No glass bottles on the bus; aluminum & plastic "water bottles" are okay.
  2. If you leave behind a mess it will come out of your pocket ($200). Should you get sick, that will also come out of your pocket ($250). So don't do either.
  3. Bring money for food and beverages.
  4. Use the buddy system! Make sure you and your buddy stick together for pickup.
  5. Pace yourself. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Let's have fun but let's be safe! (Gotta keep it together in case you bump into Drizzy).

Last call for Chapter t-shirts

Current members click here (this worked the last time I checked, but is subject to being closed).

New members click here.

Gooooo Hawks!

Addy Delean

President | Pi Sigma Epsilon: Marketing, Management, and Sales Fraternity

BBA Marketing | Terry College of Business | University of Georgia 2017

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