Ms. Ferguson's Frogs

Weekly Updates from Room 157

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Fun Run!

It was a HUGE success! Be sure to turn in your pledges by this Friday, October 23rd. I'm so proud of the money we raised for our school.


  • Thursday, October 22nd - Family Night at Lee Walker Heights 5-6:30pm
  • Friday, October 23rd - Last Day to send in Fun Run donations!
  • Monday, October 26th - NO SCHOOL: Optional Workday for Teachers
  • Tuesday, October 27th - NO SCHOOL: Professional Development for Teachers
  • Friday, October 30th - Our Class Halloween Party (more details to come!); Claxton Fall Carnival 5-7pm

We had a BLAST at the Fun Run!

Our First Grade Curriculum


We're finishing our study of Unit 4 by reviewing the bonus letters (f, l, and s). We're also learning our first glued sound "all". Glued sounds stick together and are tapped together. We marked glued sounds with a box: b[all] and mark the bonus letter with a star: b[all]*


We're continuing our study of narratives this week by discussing the characteristics of narrative writing. This will include transition words such as first, then, next, finally, and suddenly. We'll begin our spooky narratives next week!


During Daily 5, we are learning about Decoding, Asking and Answering Questions, and Word Families (such as cat, mat, sat) during our focus lessons. We will also start utilizing our Times for Kids magazines by practicing our Fundations concepts and answering questions from the text.

The Leader In Me

As we finish up Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind, we're discussing our future goals. We're filling up our Leadership Binders by keeping track of our attendance, graphing our Fundations scores, and keeping track of our reading levels. By the end of the week, we will start individual mission statements to keep us motivated throughout the year.


We're finishing up our study of shapes this week by reviewing all the shapes we've learned (triangle, circle, square, rectangle, hexagon, parallelogram, and more!). We will also be turning shapes into new things based on what we see in the world.

Science/Social Studies

Now that we've studied our classroom community, school community, and Asheville community, we're moving onto Maps! We're going to start our study by reading "Me on the Map" and determine where we fit into the bigger world.

For "Fun Science Friday," we're studying pumpkins and their life cycle the next two weeks. We're going to make predictions and open up a pumpkin to study the inside.