Astro January Update #4

Dream big. Reach for the stars. Together we achieve success!

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Principal's Message

Dear Families,

All of our students have set a goal that they want to achieve this year. In recognition of that achievement, they will receive a t-shirt. We held a design contest and students voted on the design that they liked the best. I worked with our student designer, our PTA Treasurer, and the t-shirt company to turn the design into a reality. I have been impressed by the goals that students are setting for themselves. One of our students had already reached her initial goal and decided to set a more rigorous goal for herself!

Two of the ways the goals are being measured is through Reading Counts and Freckle. Reading Counts is an online program where students can take quizzes on books they have read. The program tracks the number of books the students have read. It also calculates the number of words that are in each book. Freckle is an online math program that adapts to the student's math level. Students can check their progress in these programs and they can show it to you. I have included videos on how to take a quiz in Reading Counts and check progress and a video on how to check progress in Freckle.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help.

In partnership,

Jennifer Robbins

Reading Counts video

Freckle video

Ladd Acres Library

Books can be checked out from the Ladd Acres library. See the attached fliers for more information or watch the videos to find out how to check out books.

Classroom Assessments

One of the ways teachers gather information about how students are progressing is through assessments. You may notice these assessments happening during the school day. It's important to let your child know to do their best but not to stress. It's hard as a parent to watch our children struggle especially on a test. It's ok if they struggle. The assessment is just information about their progress in learning. Please avoid the temptation to help with the assessment. Teachers cannot get an accurate assessment if you assist. Thank you!

Upcoming Dates

Jan. 28 End of Semester 1

Jan. 29 No school, grade prep day

Feb. 1 No school, teacher prep day

Feb. 2 Return-to-school planning update

Feb. 15 No school for President's Day

Information About Returning to In-Person Learning

For more information about Comprehensive Distance Learning, Washington County metrics and the HSD Board decision, please visit our 202-21 School Year website.

The next update will be on February 2nd.

I didn't sign up for This! Free Parent Support Series

This workshop is provided by the Prevent Child Abuse Oregon:

We have launched a partnership with Dr. Amy Stoeber, Licensed Psychologist and Trauma Informed Consultant to conduct a series of large and small-group parent support virtual sessions. Caregivers who participate in our opening session on February 4th from 5:30pm-7:00pm will have the opportunity to enroll in a 6-week small-group with Dr. Amy and a parent mentor. Registration is FREE. Please share through your networks. Parents and caregivers of all ages and abilities are welcome. For questions or any issues during registration, please email

Ladd Acres Yearbook

Ladd Acres Families,

Please use the links below to upload pictures for our 2020-2021 yearbook. We are hoping to be able to recreate the class pages, which means we would love to have a head/shoulders shot of each student and staff member. Photos need to be from this school year. Photos should be of high resolution with at least 300 dpi. Photos taken off social media are usually reformatted with lower resolution and do not meet this requirement.

We will also be creating the extra pages in the yearbook with photos of distance learning, pets, essential workers, arts, athletics, etc. We hope that we are able to create a fun and unique yearbook for this unique year.

If you have any questions, please email Jessi at

Traditional Portrait Submission:

Other Yearbook Photos:


Jessi Mottern

Ladd Acres PTA Yearbook Co-Chair

Construction Update

Construction is underway on our new gym and other projects. You can check out the progress on the gym construction site by clicking on the link to the webcam.

Webcam Link

Our Astro Stars Website

Have you had the chance to check out our new community ASTRO website? If not, check it out here:! This website is a fun space designed to help connect us all during comprehensive distance learning. Students can send a photo or video to share a new scientific discovery, short film, creative writing, art project, Covid- friendly adventures, book or game reviews, cooking/baking recipe, funny jokes, Lego creations, musical talents, pets, athletic talent, or something else that comes to mind. Submissions to the website must be sent to Teri Dunlop at

Note: the website is only accessible through an HSD student account. Winter break is a great time to create something to share and don’t forget to check back frequently for new submissions! We can’t wait to see what you have to share!

In-district Transfer Priority Window

HSD students wishing to renew or request a new in-district transfer for the 2021-22 school year are urged to submit their request in January to take advantage of the priority window. Most applications will come through our online system, which provides the requester immediate confirmation of their submission and the option of uploading supplementary paperwork as needed.

Please see the Boundaries and Transfers section of our website for more information or contact Marleen Zytniowski or Katie Russell-Willis at or 503-844-1771 with questions.

Ladd Acres PTA

If you haven't yet joined the PTA, there is still time. Membership information can be found on the website.

Ladd Acres Yearbook.

We are doing a yearbook this year.

We are hoping to be able to get a portrait of each student and staff member for the traditional yearbook pages. We have also created a google form for submitting other pictures to the yearbook. Thanks!

Traditional Portrait Submission:

Other Yearbook Photos:

Ladd Acres PTA website

Newsletter - English

Newsletter - Spanish

Easy ways to support Ladd Acres

Use Sora to Find Books to Read

Sora, the Student Reading App is available K-12!

  • We currently have over 700 ebook titles, and 94 audiobook titles for grades K - 12, in English and Spanish

  • Sora can be accessed through desktop computers or smart devices

  • A public library card can be added to Sora to expand your options

  • Sora is available for any person with an HSD account, including staff.

  • Users log in with their HSD username and password.

Sora Resources:

Instructions in Spanish - Instructions in English - Video tutorials - Request a title!

Support for Comprehensive Distance Learning

Being Successful While Working from Home

  • Stick to a routine.
  • Set realistic expectations of what you can accomplish
  • Have a to-do list

See more tips and resources on the Wellness Newsletter that is attached.

Need some extra support? We're a team, reach out so we can help!

School Counseling Website:

Student Success Coach Website:

School Meals

School meals will be delivered by our school buses. Please use MyBus Student Route Look up to find your assigned stop and delivery time. You will use your student's school id number as the login and their birthdate (in MM/DD/YY format) as the password.


Resources for Families

This is a list of a range of resources that are available in our community to support families.

Nurturing Hope - an online class focused on parenting strategies and child-centered activities. See registration information below.