Kreative Keepsake Crew

1st Liners ONLY!!

Incentive for my 1st line only!!


I am emailing you because I want you to know you are my priority! I want to work with you to help build your business!

First, we need to schedule a time to talk about your why. Why did you start Origami Owl. Has your why changed? What are your goals - are you wanting to make this your full-time job or do you want to just support your O2 habit?!

With that said - let me know your available days/times that we can talk. I want to make our calls at least once a week.

Second, to go along with our call - we will talk about how some of you are soo close to promoting to the next level and I want to help you get there!! Do you understand the new career plan? If you have any questions, write them down and we can discuss during your call.

Third, some of you are leaving override(team commissions) on the table. What do I mean? That your team has sales but you have either less than your minimum PV or 0 PV for this month and the last month! My job is to help you make as much money as possible! So with that said....I thought I would give you a "carrot" this month! ***I forgot to tell you hitting at least $99 ore more by the end of the month!!*** How would $25 in new product sound? No...I didn't think so either. So let's up it to $50? No, still don't like that....hhhmmm how about $75? No, still not good about $100 worth of product?!! Plus I will include a special package just from me - I can't tell you everything!! Gotta give you something to be surprised about!!

Fourth, we have a great incentive for the next few days that would be a great gift for a new team member, use as a booking incentive, use as a host gift, wear for yourself to show off your "arm party" or for any gifts you need for teachers, Mother's Day, graduation!

Fifth, remember I am here to help support you in anyway I can ! I am here to listen, to answer questions, to help with goal setting or whatever you need. I am not only your biggest fan but your biggest cheerleader (FYI, I do still have my pom poms from high school! - I will pull them out and use them if I need to !! )

So let's end March with a bang!!