Disney Affect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Daeon Richardson

Movies Translating To Cruise Lines

The Cruise Line I Chose Is Called Disney Fantasy. The Theme Of The Cruise Is A Very Formal Dinner And Royal Court Tea. The Kids Will Be Entertained By Disney Princesses Like Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Etc. Disney Turns The Movies Into Real Life With Singing, Dancing, Decorations And A Regal Feast. Every Guest Gets A "Happily Ever After" And By That The Guest Get Gifts When They Depart This Enchanted Evening. Girls Mostly Get jewelry box, princess doll, tiara and a French rose, etc. For The Boys Backpack, Sword And Shield, etc


Disney Has A Very Unique Way Of Pulling The Designs From The Storybooks/Movies And Bringing Them To Life. You Cant Really Tell The Difference. There Are Many Vintage Things Like The Curtains. They Have A Really Old Look To Them. Nice Fancy China Plates With Nice Silverware, Also Wine Glasses. Big Crystal Chandeliers Hanging From Cathedral celling's.


Disney Employees Are Expected To Stay In Character At All Times. Employees Are To Encourage The Guest To Join In On Songs And Dances. All Guest Get The Royal Treatment. It Is A Disney Employees Job To Give The World, Moon, And Sun To The Guest And Without Complaint. Their Job Is To Really Make The Guest Feel Like Kings, Queens, Princess And Princes.