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Wintertime Activities for your Classroom


Now that some more snow has fallen in our area, and the temperatures seem to have fallen further, it's beginning to have a wintertime feeling more and more each day. But, the final stretch to the winter break starting line is finally upon us, there are still activities that will need to be taught. Inspired by a blog post by Eric Curts, the following wintertime activities are sure to engage your classroom, and coincide with the feeling of winter that's now upon us.

Build a Snowman with Google Slides

If you've ever done a "Build Your Own Jack-o-Lantern" project from Eric Curts before, then you know how exciting and engaging that activity can be. Similar to that, students can now design their own snowman with its own nose, hat, even apparel. Once their design is completed, they can then assign their snowman a name and describe its personality in the textbox provided. Check out the blog post for more information and to make a copy of the template to share with your students.

Winter Themed Magnetic Poetry

One of the best parts of the holiday season is spending some time with relatives. For some of us, the fun of playing with magnetic letters on grandma's fridge was equally as exciting as hanging out with cousins. But, this activity from Kasey Bell at Shake Up Learning takes that activity and turns it into a digital event. With the premade template, students can create sentences and simple poems using the words provided. Of course, this could be customized to fit your classroom as well, but this is a neat activity for all subject areas.

Roll a Story with the Grinch

For some, the Grinch is an integral part of the holiday season, simply because of the message or the entertainment value he provides. But, there are several activities that can be done using the Grinch. One is the "Roll a Story with the Grinch." I saw this a while back, and I was happy to find it again and share it. With this, there are pre-generated question prompts and the students roll the dice. Whichever number is rolled is the part of the story that is entered. Once they have rolled and grabbed a sentence from each category, they are able to read their dice-generated story!

Greeting Cards in Drawings

Another tradition around the holidays is the action of giving greeting cards. Whether Christmas cards, Hanukkah cards, or cards for Kwanzaa, there's always a reason to give a piece of cheer to someone else. But, using Google Drawings, students are able to design a card related to the holiday they celebrate and email it, or print it and give to someone else. Using the template from Eric Curts, students can customize the lettering and images to their liking, making it that much more special when it's given.

Frigid Cold Mad Libs

An activity that I really have enjoyed doing with my students on the day before a break, no matter the grade level, is creating mad libs. It's an easy refresher of the types of words that make up or language. Then, when combined in a mad lib activity, the results can be quite humorous. A simple Google search for "winter mad libs" offers several options, but a few quick ones can be found on this site.

Using the Omnibox to Search

Did you know that the Chrome Omnibox will allow you to type in a Google search, as if you're on the Google search site? The omnibox, located at the top of the page and where the URL can be found, is an easy search box. Just type your desired information into the omnibox, and it will act as if you've searched Google and produce the same results!

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