Slave Trade


the duration

the slave trade laster four centries

what effect it hade on africa

when the white man came they where looking for slaves.they offed guns and goods to them.the slaves would uselessly be criminals and war victimizes . after a wile the slave trade in Africa became the goal if you where to brake the law then you would be put up as a slave.the Africans thought that the whites where cables that would resole every time they came so they committed suicide or staved themselves .slave that where taken where mostly men so the Africans could not repopulate that fasts witch left it open to be concord.

in America

in America the slaves would be sent to three different areas.but we are going to talk about the one coincide by the English. in that time only 450000 slave would be sent to the consoling that time they would breed slaves like animals or make them work in forms or factory.if a slave would try to escape and fail they would have there those cut off but if they tide to read they would get there fingers cut off.

in egland

egland was just as bad as the others. they would use the stuff that the slaves made to buy other slaves.then as sone as they got the Africans to capture the slaves they would sail them back in horrible conditions so they could be give to the eerily Americans so they can work them and kill them.then they would send the goods back to egland to sell and repeat