Lead Pages Versus Alternatives:

Reviews and Warning!

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Lead Pages Versus Alternatives: Reviews and Warning!

Every where you look Lead Pages are being recommended for website landing pages. But exactly what is a landing page?

Landing Page

In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a "squeeze page", "lead capture page" or a "lander", is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement.

The Idea is Simple.

When someone comes to your website you should first attempt to capture their contact email in case they leave before getting the gist of your site or taking advantage of your offer.

The real reason for this is because the bounce rate (how long someone stays on your page) is so high for most sites that it negatively impacts sales.

And, after all, that is the reason you've gone through all the time and effort to create your website - to make sales.

If someone does 'bounce away' from your landing page after entering their email address you can continue the conversation via email. Unless, of course, they have given you a bogus email address in the first place!

Many visitors type in fake email addresses to get to the offer on the other side of the landing page. Somewhere in the great cosmic internet void there are millions of phoney Yahoo or Gmail addresses that will never be confirmed.

I will reveal how to deal with this BIG problem in a second (and, with the number of emails, making them confirm their 'correct' email address is NOT the best solution).

Landing Page Strategy

The typical strategy involves bribing visitors with digital goods. They will receive these goods (via email) when they opt-in to your offer.

A few of the items that you can give away include:

- A resource list or rolodex

- Training course sent via several emails

- Free report or whitepaper

- An ebook

- A "how to" video

- Mp3 that reveals useful information

- Webinar

- Discount on a valuable training etc.


All of the focus on landing pages is putting the cart before the horse. Here are the reasons why:

1) Many of the site owners who are worried about landing pages don't even drive enough traffic (visitors) to their site for the landing pages to even make a difference.

2) Many of the sites that do have a decent amount of traffic don't convert! In other words; after the visitors come to the site they don't take action.

New Strategy

I am among the 'counter-wave' internet entrepreneurs who believe that you don't want to waste time making a prospect go to their email box to confirm their opt-in email address.

There are a couple of reasons, based on our testing, why this is actually a BAD idea:

1) The number of shinny offers in your prospect's email box makes this the last place you want them to go.

2) Many visitors will become distracted and NEVER even make it to the email box.

Don't Lose the Momentum!

You have an interested person on your website. Take advantage of this NOW! You want an offer so compelling that it will convert traffic and get your visitors to take action.

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