Ten Rules for Parents on Technology

Tips and tricks by Sahiman

Rule 1

Do not share personal information such as, address, passwords, credit card number etc. This way hackers will have many troubles of hacking your accounts and can't take your private information.

Rule 2

Do not click on anything like "Click here to win one million dollars". These links can send viruses into your computer and most of the time hackers are behind these links.

Rule 3

If you use Facebook, get your privacy settings checked by The White Hatter. He will give a way to stay safe from black hatters. He has many tips and tricks on how to stay safe on the internet

Rule 4

Don't try and buy free stuff on the internet. Most of the time they ask for lots of personal information. They might ask for phone numbers and e-mail addresses. These also cause an easy way for hackers to hack your system.

Rule 5

Never meet anyone you met on-line in person because they might kidnap you and black mill you. Your will regret meeting them.
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Rule 6

Don't ever send a picture of yourself to anyone like a stranger or a person you have never met.

Rule 7

Do not cyber bully or hurt anyone's feelings because you can get arrested and the person that you bully may commit suicide. You will feel ashamed and sad. Sometimes parents can bully too.
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Rule 8

Do not copyright any information. If you need to take any information, ask the author or give credit.
Safe Web Surfing: Top Tips for Kids and Teens Online

Rules 9

Always have a password or pass code on all your devices such as your Ipods, Iphones, computers, etc.
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Rule 10

Get a friend to help you get set up for an on-line device just so you can stay very safe. You will learn a lot of tips and tricks.
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Stay Safe