Counselor's Corner

October- November 2015

Letter from the Counselor

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am so proud of how much has already been accomplished by our students, faculty, and PTA since school began. It is hard to believe that fall is upon us. In the month of October GSES will be focusing on promoting health awareness and making good choices. Please read more about our GSES Red Ribbon Week celebration that will be taking place October 26-30th. We hope your child(ren) will participate in the fun and educational activities we have planned.

We hope your student has had much success academically, behaviorally, and socially during the 1st 9 weeks of this school year. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me.


Paula Newman M.A., LPC

Professional School Guidance Counselor

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Red Ribbon Week- Healthy Choices Make the World Go Round

Red Ribbon Week was established in 1986. "Camarena Clubs" in California high schools presented a proclamation to Nancy Reagan, First Lady of the United States, who had initiated nationwide anti-drug programs. The following year, parent teacher organizations in California, Illinois and Virginia wore the red ribbons in late October and November. In 1988, the first National Red Ribbon Week was organized by the National Family Partnership (NFP), proclaimed by the U.S. Congress and chaired by Nancy Reagan.

Today Red Ribbon Week celebrations can be found around our nation and world in the month of October. At GSES our focus for Red Ribbon Week is to promote healthy living by positive choices, healthy eating, and activity. Our theme this year is "Healthy Choices Make the World Go Round". Students are welcomed to participate in the following events:

Monday, Oct. 26th- “Healthy choices make the world go round!” Day

Sign a pledge to make healthy choices.

Tuesday, Oct. 27th- “Wild about Red!” Day

Wear red to show your support for Red Ribbon Week.

Wednesday, Oct. 28th- “Color Me Healthy!” Day

Wear the colors of the rainbow as a reminder to eat colorful foods.

Thursday, Oct. 29th- “I am Active!” Day

Dress in your favorite sports or athletic clothing.

Friday, Oct. 30th- “I have Character!” Day

Dress as your favorite storybook character that you admire because of their good choices. Be prepared to explain how your storybook character shows good character.

Small Group- Families are Forever!

All small groups are led by the school counselor and meet during the school day on Mondays for 30 minutes in the afternoon for 5-6 sessions with two age groups (K-2, 3-5). Small Groups make learning new skills fun through the use of games and crafts.

Participation is voluntary and parents are encouraged to contact if you would like your child to participate.

Enrolling students NOW-

December 7th- February 1st, Families are Forever Group

Students will learn the importance of valuing their family and appreciating their family unit. This group is most beneficial for all students with a non-traditional family life- separation, divorce, single parent homes, living with grandparents or guardians, adoption, foster care, students with a parent who travels often, etc.

Bottle Caps- We collect plastic twist-on style bottle caps!

GSES collects twist-on style bottle caps. Just for participating in the bottle cap collecting and recycling effort sponsored by Huntsville's Operation Green Team, our school earns a monetary prize. In May 2015 we earned $750.00 for our efforts. We will use this money to purchase equipment to support our school-wide Gold Friday activities. The caps are recycled and turned into environmentally friendly paint cans.

YOU MAY START BRINGING IN YOUR COUNTED BAGS OF TWIST-ON STYLE BOTTLE CAPS NOW! Continue bringing caps from now - March. No caps will be accepted after March 15th.

Teachers will collect the caps in their classrooms. Classes will be competing against each other to bring in the most caps. The class with the largest amount of caps each month will win their choice of a popcorn/movie time or homework passes. The class with the most caps for the year will win a party at the end of the school year.

4th-6th grade academic talent search

What is the Talent Search?

Duke TIP's 4th–6th Grade Talent Search is the first chance for families of qualified students to participate in an academic talent search and to gain access to programs within Duke TIP. Eligibility for enrollment is an honor and indicates outstanding intellectual ability. Participation in the 4th–6th Grade Talent Search provides students with exciting, stimulating and challenging opportunities through online lessons, publications, contests, the Duke TIP Book Club and an optional above-level testing experience, the EXPLORE® test. Students can enroll in this Talent Search either as a fourth, fifth, or sixth grader.

How do I know if my child is qualified? Students must have qualified scores on the ACT Aspire 2015. Only one approved subtest-area qualifying score is needed. Subtests are Reading, Math, English, and Science. You may enroll and find all qualifying scores at

An acceptable score on the 2015 ACT Aspire in Math:

3rd grade– >420

4th grade- >424

Math 5th grade- >428

An acceptable score on the 2015 ACT Aspire in Reading:

3rd grade- >421

4th grade- >424

5th grade- >428

The non-refundable enrollment fee for 2015 is $40. This fee covers all publications and exclusive online benefits through the student's sixth grade year. An additional fee of $37 is charged for taking the EXPLORE® test.

Enrollment Begins October 1st. The school ID for Goldsmith-Schiffman is 113240-CH.

Veteran's Day Celebration

On Tuesday, November 10th at 8:15 a.m. GSES will have our 4th annual Veteran's Day Celebration. If you are a military family please save the date to join us.

Look for a flyer to come home in Wednesday folders on October 21st that will contain more information about this exciting, memorable, and educational event.