The Raft

Trevor Hildreth

Before the plane crash

Robbie was on Hawaii visting her aunt AJ for 2 weeks but one night when she went to McDonals she got jumped by a homeless guy, she tried to fight him off but couldn't, but then he let go and she got away and ran all the way to her aunt house.When she got to her aunt house she slamed the door shut and locked all of the locks and hoped he did not follow her home.

in the ocean

in the ocean

When Robbie was in the raft with max she found a bag with flares, a cup and a book on survival at sea. When she read the book there was some things in there that made her laugh because the where obvious.Most of the time the first couple of days there where rain because of the storm she was in the raft until she was on a island.


1. text to self- I have been in the ocean

2. text to text- This book remanded me of cast away

3. text to world- swiss family