My Science Career

Aerospace Engineer

By Karch Verlanic

Aerospace Engineer Summary

An aerospace engineer usual works in the branch of physical science. There are different types of aerospace engineers. Some times aerospace engineers have to work with gravity, electronics, perpulshion, and even aerodynamics. Some of them just work on the exterior of the aircraft. Others work on the interior of the aircraft. Other jobs they have are to make missiles, rockets, space craft, helicopters, planes, and even radar. Sometimes they have to design things for different missions for the military like stealth, air to air, air to ground and jamming missions. Other times they make planes for the private customer. Usually the working conditions vary from working in your home or in an office.

The way to aerospace engineer

When I graduated from high school I will have a degree in advanced math, chemistry, and physics. After I graduate I would go to the Air Force Academy and get a major in mechanical engineering, and aerospace engineer. Why I choose the Air Force Academy is because the school has a great aerospace engineering program. The school is a suburban public university in the middle of Colorado by Colorado Springs. It is a 4 year school with a student to faculty ratio of 9:1. The average GPA there is 3.86 with a average ACT score of 24 to 27. The average SAT score is 1100 to 1339.

After college

After college I would go and work for Gulf Stream Aerospace Service Corps in Appleton. Gulf Stream aerospace service corps helps make private and business jets. I would have a 10% chance of working there. The monthly salary I would get starting out would be $53,120 per year. If I worked nationally I would get $60,620 per year.


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